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My name's Alison but for reasons too long to go into I'm known as Cockney Blonde or CB for short. I've been rubber stamping for several years but now spend most of my time either knitting or crocheting. However, with the advent of a New Year I have bitten the bullet and am tackling my usually hated pastime of sewing. I've even bought 'Sewing for Dummies' to guide me on my way. I've been with my hubby Dave for 24 years and between us we have 4 kids and 5 grandkids. We also have 2 cats and a dog, the latter features as my 'photo' image. I used to be able to blog daily but these days I struggle to blog weekly. Hopefully now we are settled into our new home in the country, I can get back to a daily (well almost) update from the room I now have to share with hubby. No more personal crafting space for me!!! Thanks to all the blogs and sites I follow for all your brilliant inspiration, and thank you to everyone who finds the time to comment on my blog.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another wet day...

Good Afternoon Bloggers. After a reasonably nice but chilly weekend the heavens have now opened and the sky looks full to bursting.

I'm sharing with you this quick and simple card which I made as part of the stash before we moved into our caravan. I know the lovely lady has received it so it was safe to share on here.

DH is due home tomorrow evening and I can't wait. Someone to do the early morning dog walk, lol. He phoned me earlier to say they had been to Bethlehem today, not on donkeys I hasten to add.

Before that though myself and #2 Son are off to visit my lovely friend Neet tomorrow afternoon. No doubt we will be comparing hospital scars over a cuppa.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Journalling Updates

Afternoon everyone. Sorry I've been away longer than anticipated but the days just seem to be so full of doing absolutely nothing. Thought I'd update you with some more random piccies of my 'China' journal. These will be the last until after our trip now. The above image I retrieved from a mag, don't know when and don't know which as it was a while ago but oh so fitting I thought.

A couple more random pics with overstamped oriental images.

As I write this update to you all DH is in Palestine on a walking holiday with a couple of mates. He seems to be having a brill time although his comment yesterday was that he thought he'd had a year's worth of sunshine in one day. My poor DH doesn't really do sunshine....
Meanwhile, myself and #2 Son are soaking up the rain in Bury.....
I'll leave you with this stunning sunset from last week when we were caravanning at Durham. Fab colours.
Finally, a Traffic Alert:-
Our Park Home is being transported next Monday from South Wales to Delamere in Cheshire so if you are on the road and you see 2 large lorries with 2 halves of a home, possible police escort too, I apologise in advance for any delay to your journey.

Til next time, x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Just a Card

Evening Bloggers. Thought I'd share this quick and easy card I made for a very special lady across the pond who celebrated her birthday this past weekend. A bit of stamping, some DP, brads and a letter.....

Finally got my car back today and it looks as though it was just the oil seal that had been damaged following the previous problem, so fingers crossed we're off on the road again tomorrow. This time we're hitching up in Durham, I love that City. We're visiting friends in the Borders on Thursday, they've just had a new baby. Then its our hawaiian themed wedding on Friday and on Saturday I'm off to visit my crafting Hartlepool pal, can't wait as it seems an age since I last saw her.

Had a GP review and physio review today...still no work for me :((( Need to get some more strength in this knee. If I had an office based job it wouldn't be a problem but seeing as I haven't ...

Oh well, I'll just have to fit some more knitting, crochet, journalling, cards etc, etc into my days inbetween my exercises.

BTW I have been reading your blogs but just not having enough time to comment at the moment. Please don't think I've been ignoring you.

I'll be back with you again asap, x

Sunday, 9 September 2012

At last some crafting...

I thought I'd try and show you the journal I am prepping in readiness for our trip to China next month. One of my good crafting friends bought me this beautiful journal for my birthday last year. In fact I got another lovely journal from another good crafting friend but due to its composition its heavier, so that will be saved for another time.

I decided to randomly stamp the pages with oriental script and then on some I've also stuck some oriental script paper. I'll update you with the progress asap.

The journal then had to be put on hold while I crochet myself an hawaiian garland. This is for a wedding next Friday where the theme is strictly informal and hawaiian. Its ok for the men, a pair of shorts and a hawaiian shirt and they're done. I managed to get myself a yellow grass skirt which I shall wear either over leggings or an orange skirt. I then saw a flowery blouse reduced (not my usual sort of purchase) which has both yellow and orange flowers on. Finally, today I managed to get myself a hairband with a flower on....da da!

And finally I shall leave you with yesterday's setting sun. Aren't the colours just fab. This was perfect preparation for another lovely day today made even better by #1 son and partner visiting us in the caravan and having a lazy afternoon round the BBQ. Ah bliss!

Til next time, x

Friday, 7 September 2012

And so to bed...

This was the fabulous sunset that was appearing as I was on the phone to Neet of Hickydorums. We arrived at this lovely site yesterday. Set on the site of an old quarry near Staveley, Chesterfield this caravan park is next to Poolsbrook Country Park which boasts lovely walks, a large lake full of geese and ducks eagerly awaiting bread and a cafe. Its also on the national cycle network and within easy walk of the shops.

The only downside is that the car, finally repaired in Hertfordshire, had some further undetected, although suspected, damage and so that is now away again in the car hospital and we now have a hire car until Tuesday. 

Still at least we can get around, our house finally completed today, and the sun is still shining....Yay!

Next time I'll show you some crafting that I've been up to, x

Sunny Hertfordshire

Evening Peeps. I promised you more photos from our stay in Hertforshire and here they are. Apart from the weekend we arrived, when the campsite was almost full, this was our view every day. We were parked up in the opposite corner and apart from 2 other 'vans we had this whole expanse of greenery to ourselves.

Below is a piccie of the beautifully maintained garden infront of the office and facility block. Such a beautiful caravan club site in the equally beautiful village of Ashwell. We will definitely be going here again. The only thing to mar it was my poor car breaking down and spending 2 days in the local garage. Still we had the weather to soak up and the boys took a trip into London for a Paralympic event so all wasn't lost.

While the boys were away I took a hobbled stroll around the village and photographed the natural spring which is there. The water was absolutely crystal clear and the local children were enjoying a paddle and a play with their fishing nets.

According to the information board, in Anglo Saxon times a spring was referred to as a 'well' and as the water was surrounded by Ash trees so the village got its name 'Ashwell'.

Also while we were there we paid a visit to the local horticultural show held in the village school and this lady kindly obliged in letting me take her photo of her hard at work spinning.

There were various categories including most unusual vegetables. I am sure there are a few bloggers out there who will have some rude comments to make.....

But the best bit for me was the children's section. Firstly animals made from vegetables...

And then a floral display in a tea cup, again in the children's section.

We love to try and support local events when we are away and this one didn't disappoint.

Back in a minute with a further update, x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Moving On

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a few days, been just a tad busy. This was our house last Thursday as the removal firm loaded our belongings onto their van ready for a few weeks of storage.

And so to a totally empty house.

And then just as the lorry pulled away we learned that completion was not to happen the following day as planned!!! Typical. So now this is our home for the next few weeks. Our faithful old caravan with a conservatory (ok an awning) and a glimpse of my #2 son taking it easy. This was taken at a beautiful site in Hertfordshire where we couldn't have wished for better weather.

We've moved on now but I'll share more photos from this stay and further updates on our adventures another day.