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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Weekend At Burrs Country Park

Evening Peeps. We're home from our weekend away in our caravan at a beautiful site in the middle of Burrs Country Park in Bury. For all those caravanners out there I would recommend this as a place to stay. It is a well-maintained site and of course you've got the famous Bury Market nearby. The above photo shows the market place in days gone by. Aren't those trams fabulous.

These photos are all part of a display by Bury Council contained within sealed seating in the country park. The Country Park is the site of the old Burrs Mill and the cottages above would have been to house the mill workers. The area was actually home to 3 mills and part of the production was of cotton and then latterly paper and glue.

This is the old Burrs Mill from which the country park takes its name. Across from where we were standing was the old remnants of the Midden. For those who aren't sure what that is it was the old latrines which were available for the use of the cottage residents. There was a 'soil master' whose job it was at night to clear out the waste and take it for use as fertiliser. I'm so glad things have moved on, what a job!

This is another view of the chimney but this time after the mill had been demolished. The chimney, by the way is still standing.
 These last 2 piccies are self-explanatory but what a fab selection of images from the archives.
There's plenty to see on your walk around the Country Park, great for dogs, and there is an outdoor pursuits centre with kayaking. Of course there are a couple of brill pubs and we were lucky to be joined on the Saturday evening by my friend Neet of Hickydorums Blog and her hubbie Chas, and of course we had to try out one of the pubs....Yummy! Food to die for!

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a card and don't forget my blog candy, x


  1. Fab pics, really enjoyed reading about the history ..... It look like one for my list of future days out, especially if you give me the name of the pub!!!!
    Love jo x

  2. that sounds like a brilliant break Alison, Im so pleased you had a good time
    Mina xxx

  3. Hi,I love the photos black and withe,very beautifuls.Greats!

  4. Fab pictures Alison and what an interesting posting. It was great to see you all (and the dogs). Thanks for introducing me to something that is on my doorstep but never looked at before. We will be back (as soon as this blooming rain stops)to investigate Burrs ourselves.
    Hugs, Neet x


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