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Friday, 23 May 2014

More snapshots of Ironbridge

First some views of the river flowing beneath the Ironbridge. This was looking over one side of the bridge and if you zoom in you can see a very industrious lady mowing her lawn.

These next two pictures are looking over the other side. First a glimpse of the village of Ironbridge and secondly, and a bit further down, you can see what looks like a beachy area. We didn't walk down to investigate. That will be a jaunt for another time.
 I couldn't resist taking this photo of the trees. All those different shades of green and in amongst that fabulous red.
 The church nestling above the village.
 And this shop with its oldy woldy chimney. I bet there are stories to tell there.
Finally, a last view of the bridge. This time with a group of schoolchildren peering through the railings.
I hope you've enjoyed sharing our visit. I'll share with you our photos from the Victorian Street another time.

Bye for now, x

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  1. I have visions of little boys as chimney sweeps. Looks like a lovely trip


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