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My name's Alison but for reasons too long to go into I'm known as Cockney Blonde or CB for short. I've been rubber stamping for several years but now spend most of my time either knitting or crocheting. However, with the advent of a New Year I have bitten the bullet and am tackling my usually hated pastime of sewing. I've even bought 'Sewing for Dummies' to guide me on my way. I've been with my hubby Dave for 24 years and between us we have 4 kids and 5 grandkids. We also have 2 cats and a dog, the latter features as my 'photo' image. I used to be able to blog daily but these days I struggle to blog weekly. Hopefully now we are settled into our new home in the country, I can get back to a daily (well almost) update from the room I now have to share with hubby. No more personal crafting space for me!!! Thanks to all the blogs and sites I follow for all your brilliant inspiration, and thank you to everyone who finds the time to comment on my blog.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dinosaur Cushion and 'hole' update

Good Evening Peeps. I think I'm definitely going through a mid-life crisis, lol. First I started sewing with a felt bag for my grandee, then I get a tattoo done, and now I've gone and done the sewing thing again. I HATE SEWING!!!

I saw this fab material when I was away at my friend's. You know the one who helped me get the tattoo. Well, my little Scottish grand-daughter adores dinosaurs. I know, most little girls like fairies and pink.... So I bought this fat quarter not knowing what I was going to do with it. I then hit upon the idea of a cushion cover but when I bought the cushion insert it was too big...duh! So I decided to make a cushion and unstuffed the insert to provide the stuffing (are you following me???). Well, I then got a bit adventurous, she who doesn't do sewing, and decided to add a pocket which I divided with some nifty stitching to form two pockets. The idea being she can pop tissues in one and dinosaurs in the other, lol. Then with the scrap of material that was left I made the flower/bow thingy at the top. No material wasted, no dinosaurs hurt and all done by hand as I couldn't be bothered trying to fathom out how my neglected sewing machine works.

I hope you like it and I'm going to try my luck with a few challenges, x

CRAFT #126 - Colour Savannah
Dream Valley #19 - Anything Goes
Pollycraft #117 - Anything Goes


The leak was repaired yesterday, the hole filled in today and the garden will be jet washed tomorrow. The complaint was lodged with Northern Gas this morning and the lady rang my husband back and said something along the lines of  'I've made some enquiries and I believe everything has been put back and sorted'....my husband's reply was 'I think you're missing something here, we're talking about Health and Safety and therefore this isn't the end of the matter'. Her response 'oh right'.

Watch this space.....


  1. I love the dinosaur material! I am sure you grandaughter will love it.
    Just wanted to say, yes of course I remember you from visiting Perth to see Linda. So nice to see you on my blog and now I have found yours!!

  2. For a "non sewer" you are doing a remarkably good job. Great idea to have the pockets in the cushion too... might pinch that.
    Glad the dodgy chasm is sorted but look forward to the complaint getting sorted too.
    See you Saturday,
    Jo x

  3. Glad they fixed it, Alison but no, it isn't all right - good luck with that! Lovely idea for the cushion!

  4. Hi CB, for someone who hates sewing you sure created an awesome cushion cover! I can relate to the non-so-girly tastes - I remember a time we lined up for the facepainting at a community event. All the little girls got flowers and butterflies on their faces, and my daughter transformed into... a DRAGON, lol!!! I bet your grand-daughter loves this xx

  5. hate to disagree Alison but anyone who sews this well emjoys it girl lol...that fabric is lush...Im so glad your hole is sorted, and so they should put everything right too...you go girl
    Mina xxx

  6. Gorgeous honey! Thank you for joining us at Pollycrafts Monday!

    Mary J x

  7. Glad your hole is sorted Alison. The cushion is brilliant.
    xxx Hazel.

  8. Only just seen this one Alison and brilliant work, especially as you do not like sewing (I'm also not keen - must be that 'O' level Needlework I did all those years ago and all those homemade skirts, dresses, blouses and JEANs I made in my late teens when I had no money). Great idea and I love the fabric.

  9. This is just fabulous. Wish I could non-sew as well as you. xx

  10. Here's hoping you don't recover from your mid life crisis anytime soon as you are creating fabulous things! This cushion is just adorable and I bet your Granddaughter will love it.

    Thanks for joining us at Dream Valley this time.



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