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My name's Alison but for reasons too long to go into I'm known as Cockney Blonde or CB for short. I've been rubber stamping for several years but now spend most of my time either knitting or crocheting. However, with the advent of a New Year I have bitten the bullet and am tackling my usually hated pastime of sewing. I've even bought 'Sewing for Dummies' to guide me on my way. I've been with my hubby Dave for 24 years and between us we have 4 kids and 5 grandkids. We also have 2 cats and a dog, the latter features as my 'photo' image. I used to be able to blog daily but these days I struggle to blog weekly. Hopefully now we are settled into our new home in the country, I can get back to a daily (well almost) update from the room I now have to share with hubby. No more personal crafting space for me!!! Thanks to all the blogs and sites I follow for all your brilliant inspiration, and thank you to everyone who finds the time to comment on my blog.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

That Spindle Challenge - WARNING, lots of photos

No cards today as I wanted to catch up with some blogging and also, at last, wanted to reveal to you all the finished article from my Spindle Challenge. Neet of Hickydorums Blogspot challenged a few of us to alter an old wooden loom spindle. Apart from coming up with a few rude suggestions, which I was told were not allowed, there was no remit. The top piccie is a clearer version of my teasing photo of last week. All I actually did to the spindle was add a coat of varnish and some fibres.
I then browsed through some of my old copies of Altered Art Magazine and basically my finished item was born out of two articles. The first was 'A Pyramid Quilt Book' in May/June 2005. Apart from the spindle, the base started life as an empty shiny box. First off I gessoed it to get rid of the shine and then I decided to adhere torn pieces of pre-printed design papers.
Then I came up with the idea of having an opening page on each side so some folded cardstock was added and then more torn paper. On the outside of each folded page I stuck an old photo, although this was done right at the end. By now I had decided to keep within a vintage theme. I've only shown you one here, but you get the gist. The bulldog clips are by Tim Holtz and the hardest bit was 'shoving' 4 fibres up a narrow hole in a spindle to attach to the clips. The fibres are prevented from coming lose at the spindle end by securing them to a large bead.
Then of course I decided that this wasn't going to work.....{This project kept evolving }. This was when the second magazine article came into play, 'Soiled Doves' in January/February 2008. This required multiple folded pages with hidden flaps and pockets. I love stuff like this. So starting with the above picture here is a run down of all four sides folded and then opened out.
 I did do some stamping, as it was part of a rubber stamping group challenge. I've also used tags, pictures (Crafty Individuals), ephemera etc.
 The DP I used was mainly from the Printery Collection and I also used distress inks in Shabby Shutters, Walnut Stain, and Antique Linen.
 And, of course, lots of fibres to stay in keeping with the spindle.
 Some of the gorgeous coloured papers were given to me by a good friend for a birthday pressie last year.
 I tried to make each side just slightly different to maintain interest. I'm sure there is probably more things I could add.
 I've also used old postage stamps which I always keep from mail I receive from abroad. They often have such wonderful designs.
 I love the saying below. How true it is in many walks of life.
 The final piccie. Hope you're still awake.
Thanks for looking. I hope you've enjoyed sharing in my project.


  1. What a fantastic project and I'm so glad I saw it on Saturday for real. Lots of work in there and such lovely results. Look forward to making similar in your class next year.
    Love Jo x

  2. LOADSA work there, Alison - what an imagination. Bet this is far nicer in real life than it looks in the photos. Very adventurous x

  3. This is ablolutely fabulous Alison. What a lot of work and well worth it. I love it.
    xxx Hazel.

  4. And I can vouch for it being an absolute stunner. When I handed these spindles out I did not expect to see such a lot of work go into them as has. Both Ann's and yours Alison, thrilled me to bits. I think you know how I felt when I had the preview on the journey there.
    Fabulous - thank you so much. Hugs, Neet x

  5. Thanks for the pictures Alison, didn't get enough time to have a proper look at this on Saturday - I think what you did is stunning. Are you going to do it as a club project?

  6. wow Alison that looks amazing, you have worked really hard on this.

  7. This is fabulous. It's like a never-ending box. Brilliant. xx

  8. Well my dear you have been busy, what a brill job you have done, fabulous

  9. Cooooo, Alison! What a lot of work but it's brilliant! Well done you for all the creativity! I'm getting a bit worried about all the sewing though!
    Diane x


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